Saturday, March 12, 2016


We recently passed 30,000 views on checala. 


That's a nice number to take a little stock and bring everyone up to date on what's what in the life of the Kelsos.

First, THANKS for reading, for checking-in, for emailing, for calling, for keeping in touch. We really do love you. 

This was our first project together as a family, one we decided consciously to put out there in an effort to demystify whatever folks thought about our union.

Needless to type, a great many people in our immediate and extended circles were less than thrilled about Myra and I marrying, much less building a life filled with babies and so forth. That's a shame. Far too many are influenced by media accounts, by digital reports, and take very little time to try and understand the complete story. We encountered this literally everywhere we went, and to a lesser degree we still feel it sometimes even today. 

So we made a decision.

Why not, instead of hiding and ceding to gossips and fakes and liars and haters, why not put our inner most thoughts, our entire lives, online! If people are going to finger wag, if they're going to clutch their pearls and couch faint, they can at least do it with the facts. There's plenty to hate on.

In the closing two years we've been married (this Summer marks our second anniversary) we've been forced to move twice. We've lost jobs due to the looming situation, the fault of having a criminal record. We've been days away from homelessness, destitution. Even our children have suffered, albeit quietly, when someone spread rumors at their preschool, causing us to have to find an alternative way to formally educate the girls. It never ends.  

The stress here isn't to elicit sympathy. It's more to prove what Myra's love brings to our life together. Her example is so powerful. She never ceases to amaze me. We'll be slammed with some hideous news, and she'll for sure be a little freaked out. ANOTHER AMAZINGLY COMPLEX PROBLEM! She then quickly regroups, and then we get to planning how to fight our way out of whatever it is this week threatening to destroy what we're trying to build.

That's the reason checala keeps on pushing through. 

I've dumped all the old essays onto checala, so fervent readers can get their fill of my time pre-Myra.

That's taken up a lot of space.

For the remainder, for the next 30,000 views, it'll be all new material, the latest on-goings, our thoughts and documentations.

We hope you find them compelling as well.

THANK YOU for reposting our articles. Thank you for Liking them on Facebook. Thank you for retweeting them. Thank you for commenting and sharing checala. 

And we mean it.

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  1. You both are amazing...thats what keeps a strong bond between two that can and will handle the pety comments and survive what life life you both