Saturday, March 19, 2016


Raw as fuck is how I like to speak, and I hate editing myself for those around me.

It's a difficult dance at times.

When I am around new people, people I don't know well, I try and tone it down a bit. The conversation inevitably turns, however, and I am confronted. 

Should I placate?

Ought I to patronize?

Is it kind to hide my true thoughts?

Give platitudes? 

Lies are gradations, but a grave lie is withholding the truth from another person when that truth needs to be presented.

And I am careful not to confuse my strongly held opinions with capital T truth. That's not what I mean, nothing in the religious sense. What I mean is how it's important to value the person with whom you're speaking. Valuing them in disputation to me means pulling no punches, withholding no avenue of inquiry. Roads! Let us go down these thought roads! 

Cussing helps a lot to ease the tension. Words like fuck and shit animate and highlight whatever it is I am referring to, and I mean to employ them for precise impact: a battle for your mind is worth digging into the gutter to find out exactly where you are. Don't be fucking coy with me. Let us have at it.

You believe in ghosts? What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a fucking toddler, a goofy piece of shit. I'll laugh at your anecdote about having seen your grandma in shower mist. Please with that shit.

You want a new law, one you're sure will stop or prevent whatever it is you're worried about? What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a goofy child who fails to understand behind each of your policy ideas is a gun, loaded. Those goddamned laws must be enforced, by someone, and fines must be collected. That's going to be accomplished with unicorn farts? Grow the fuck up.

And so on.

Being raw with someone is the exact opposite of disrespect. It's the antidote to hucksterism, to falsity, to charming folks. 

Straight edge. Sharp. Right at your fucking neck.

Be prepared to defend your ideas, and come at me about my own.

And I mean it.


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