Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Inconvenient Truth and its Implications


The highly acclaimed documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, was very well done. The production values were outstanding.

Its central theme, and its cause, is UTTER BULLSHIT.

Get the DVD.

Go to Special Features.

Watch the MAKING of this piece of agitprop, this garbage. HILARIOUS.

You can see how they used TONS and TONS of resources, TONS and TONS of CO2-emitting devices to make the movie!

Stupid asses.

Al Gore is overweight. He uses bells and buzzers and lighting and on and on. HE IS THE PROBLEM. 

What so fascinates me about Global Warming, Climate Change, or the Global Crises, or whatever the fuck they’re screaming about now, is NOT the science – although that is interesting. No. What interests me are the IMPLICATIONS of the facts.

So, YOU say this and that is happening as a result of my sport utility vehicle, as a result of my eating habits, or some other lifestyle choice.  


Now what?

What am I supposed to DO about it?

Mr. Gore and his imbecilic sycophants have some ideas. No to this. No to that. WE NEED MORE COPS, of course. We need MORE government intervention in our lives, of course. More commissions. More panels. More bureaus. More confiscatory tax schemes, of course. More laws. More enforcement.

Fuck this guy. He is a modern progressive’s wet dream, but he’s a douchebag who voted to authorize war over and over again. He voted for the most odious legislation as both a House and Senate member. He’s never met a expansion of government power he hasn’t immediately loved. He soft sells totalitarianism, and he does it well.

Old wine, new bottle.

He’s charismatic, folksy, and charming. He can use the phrase, “THE SCIENTISTS,” over and over again, and make it sound as if nothing less than science itself endorses the ever-continuing march toward complete governmentalism.


I’ll drive what I want.

I’ll eat what I want.

I’ll do what I want.

Not you, not your stupid studies, not your appeals to baby seals dying by the busloads, will EVER convince me to give up on what little freedom there is left. Never.

Environmentalism, global warming, and the causes associated with these issues, is crack cocaine for those who wish to meddle in my life. Go away. You’re not needed here.

YOU ride your stupid mini-electric car, risking certain death in a five mile an hour crash. YOU peddle your bike to work every day. YOU wear hemp-made clothing. YOU recycle biofuels. YOU live off of grass and rain water. YOU ditch your computer and related technologies (they’ll NEVER do that). YOU buy a teepee and feel better about yourself. YOU have your uterus pulled out or your testicles sliced off so as to prevent procreation and overpopulation.

Leave. Me. Alone.

I’ll decide what is best for ME. That’s right. Me. I make the decisions here, bub.

Trotting out a stale, musty southern American politician, born of great wealth, who commutes on private jets around the world, in an effort to “raise awareness” is not only laughable … it’s immoral.

Has everyone gone completely insane?

And I mean it.     

Craig Edward Kelso is a felon, father, husband, controversialist. He lives in Southern California with his adorable family. 

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