Saturday, December 21, 2013

Former Student Josie Gamper's Amazing Project

CRAIG EDWARD KELSO, Josie's Amazing Project

Josie was one of those students teachers dream about. She was thoughtful, kind, and incredibly talented. I had to get her in my journalism program, way back when, but she was in such high demand with other activities she could only swing by my room when she found time. When she was able, she would come and squish her face at some of my graphic ideas. She would show me what she was doing, creating projects just for the fuck of it, and I was blown away. Damn, I thought, this chick rules … and I won’t ever be able to think like her. What she did was what only a few students in my career were able to do, and that was getting me to look at the world differently. Here, years removed from that time, is Josie growing philosophically and artistically. I dare you not to cry. THANK GOD I am macho, otherwise I would’ve bawled like a bitch.

And I mean it.

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